Welcome to Greater Christ Temple!

What are we up to?

We have an active membership here at Greater Christ Temple with multiple family-friendly groups for you to choose from to fellowship with us. So take a look at what we have going on this month and we hope to see you soon!

Bible Institute

Our mission is to serve our local, national and international communities; by educating and training ministers in effective means of teaching and preaching basic, fundamental doctrine through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Wall

This is the central location for the internet prayer ministry where you can submit your requests online. We have a dedicated prayer team that devotes time and genuine concern for everything you are encountering in life.


This is the place to find all the latest news and events that are happening within our church. Here you will find posts for events and special services, inspirational words from our pastor, and our ever popular podcasts as well.

Carissa's Corner

The blog of Lady Carissa Moore where you will find things about her like the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ, the ministry she shares with her husband Pastor Wayne Moore, Sr. and a multitude of other things.


We are both focused and passionate about the relationships here at Greater Christ Temple. Our goal is to know, love, and worship God not only as individuals but also as a family with care and compassion for all God's people.

Watch Online

Our live streaming services are just about the next best thing to being there. The worship is felt and the Word of God penetrates to those watching online but locally and throughout the globe.
Eric Marshall
"I know it was the blood! At G.C.T. ready to feast on the word. You better come get some. If you can't get here get online and watch it live stream."
Michelle Thomas
"Two filled with the Holy Ghost in Children's Church today! I just love how God shows up no matter how young you are! God is so awesome!"